Coast to Coast the Roman Way - Billy Skipper on a pedal bike!!
Another first this year....Cycling , a four day do cycling the Hadrian's Cycle way

Overall view of the route ...Train to start then cycle home

Hadrian’s Cycle way
is a 174 mile long distance cycle route developed by Sustrans

This is what we are doing.......The section between Silloth and Arbeia - South Shields
was officially opened on Wednesday
19th July 2006

Satellite position of us now / then

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  Day 00 : Thursday, Silloth (home to Newcastle/Train to Aspatria)  
Mileage :22 Time: 2h 20m + train Weather : warm
Up : 683+357 Down : 627+510  
  Home to Newcastle, train to Aspatria then cycle to start at Silloth  
  Map above and ride profile below  


Dave was packed and the decided it was heavy , so this was left behind

Ready for the off!!

Millennium Bridge, Newcastle

milking time,Stopped !! on the road to Silloth


This was the start and all the planning for my first bike ride had arrived, luck was on our side and it was warm and dry.
An easy 12 mile to Newcastle for the train to Aspatria via Carlisle was a good way to warm up and test the legs.

The accommodation at Silloth (Nith Guest House) on the sea front was one of the best I have ever stopped at.

  Day 01 : Friday, Warwick Bridge  
Mileage :44.1 Time :5h 30m(moving) 8h30m Weather: hot
Up : 1188ft Down : 1152ft  
  The proper start...  
  Map above and ride profile below  

  The proper start for us ...Silloth!!

An Adder on route..well spotted Den

Stop me and buy one...so we did...Who likes Ice Cream

A strange descent !!! Passing through Carlisle

  Day 02 : Saturday, North Haltwhistle  
Mileage: 33.1 Time :3h 50m/7h 2m Weather : hot and sunny
Up : 2987ft Down : 2337ft  
  2nd day proper and a time to tell if this was a good idea...  
  Map above and ride profile below  

10am and time for Red Bull!! the 1st real hill is ahead

The first part of the wall

Fit biker

Dave was happy to meet a family from Alaska ...his next trip

A ford to cross or the bridge??? the daft lads decided to try the water.....

Den first to fall

....and then the next Dave
  Hot and hotter...Today's destination was the Twice Brewed Inn, one of my favorites  
  Day 03 : Sunday , South Shields  
Mileage : 50.6 Time:5h 10m / 7h 35m Weather: hot
Up : 1727ft Down : 2448ft  
  The road to home 50 miles, at least the hills will soon be behind us!!!  
  Map above and ride profile below  


The last Day..Outside Twice Brewed Inn

the highest point of the trip

The Bridge at Ovingham

and Wylam

Ice Cream time again..Outside George Stephensons Birthplace

At Newcastle

I think Den can smell home

Nice looking sign with nice looking guys

The End....South Shields (and YES that's Dave's orange shirt again)

An album of the best shots

Staying at
1 22   Silloth UK £28 y Nith B&B excellent 10
2 45 67 Warwick Bridge UK £33 n Wallfoot faulty towers 7
3 33 100 Twice Brewed UK £36 y Twice brewed inn no complaints..Friendly lot  
4 51+home 151 Home UK lots     excellent 11
Pace notes : Silloth to Haltwhistle and Haltwhistle to South Shields


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